Student Edition | The Power of Handwriting

From a young age handwriting is a natural first step, from practicing lettering to capturing vivid stories. It not only improves memory but is an integral part of any students life; it's the stepping stone between a dream and a reality. We have put together some of the many benefits you can get from note-taking. We have a feeling you will soon make the switch from typing to handwriting in no time.

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Note to self: I can do anything

It's impossible to remember everything you learn in back to back lectures, especially when your mind is inundated with information leading up to exam season. That's why it's essential to write notes: it increases our ability to focus, engages the mind and even inspires creativity. If you find yourself writing pages of notes, try organising those pages and condensing key information into bullet points, this way you can look back with ease.

Letts of London Notebooks and Journals

Happiness is...making lists

Prioritise self-care and gratitude journalling by creating lists. They are perfect for clearing your mind and helping you think straight. A place to capture any pending projects, supplies you need to purchase and of course personal admin. There is no better feeling than seeing your list being ticked off in your favourite notebook - either ruled or dotted - whatever works for you. It's only you and your thoughts with handwriting, find a place you feel most at peace, whether that be in your bedroom, the library or under your favourite tree on campus. Wherever that place is, simply dedicate 10 minutes a day to prioritising your goals and to-dos in order of urgency or by category.

Letts of London Notebooks and Journals

Writing is good for the soul

Did you know that writing can make you more creative? It's proven that handwriting has a meditative quality, calming the mind to allow ideas to flow more freely. It also forces you to slow down, giving the brain time to process thoughts and carefully form ideas from what you've written down. If you ever find yourself feeling uninspired with your latest project, try writing a short story or send a note to a friend and you'll no doubt start to feel more motivated. If you still need a little more persuading, many of our favourite writers including Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, and Quentin Tarantino all prefer to write by hand. So what are you waiting for?

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