The Art of Calligraphy

A handwritten message is even more personal in this digital age. Take advantage of our premium fountain pen friendly paper and learn some beautiful new calligraphy skills.

What you'll need

1. What you'll need:

Before you start, we suggest that you have the following to hand; one of our premium Guest Books equipped with fountain pen friendly paper, a pot of ink, water, oblique pen, set of pen nibs, spacing guide and a non-fibrous cloth. All of which, can be found in your local craft store.



How to get started

2. How to get started

Start by choosing the right pen nib that suits you. Take the base of the nib and place it in between the metal ring at the top of the calligraphy pen. Now make sure the pen is comfortable in your hand, use your thumb, index and middle finger to grip the pen.



Get practicing

3. Get practicing

Begin by placing either a printed out guide under the page or lightly drawing a guide outline with pencil onto the page. Now start dipping your pen's nib into the ink and lightly press onto the paper. Practice different strokes and writing the alphabet, this will help when writing long sentences into your guestbook.



Create precious memories

4. Create precious memories

It's now time to write out a message into your guest book. Why not write a special message to all your guests attending your big day or make the ideal gift and bring one to a wedding you are visiting. The perfect keepsake for you or loved ones, to look at for years to come.




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