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The World's First Commercial Diary Our Heritage


Made in Great Britain

Made  in  Great  Britain 

In 1812 John Letts forever changed the way we record personal history by combining a journal with a calendar. Originally based in Diary House nestled among the arcade of the royal exchange, he engineered a unique accessory; inventing and publishing the world's first known commercial diary. An innovation in the way it was future focused and not designed simply to record past events.


Through dedication and commitment, we have proudly maintained a manufacturing plant in Great Britain for the entirety of our Heritage. With both aesthetics and functionality in mind; each product is handmade from high quality materials with exceptional attention to detail. 

Manufacturing Plant in Great Britain

The secret to our longevity is quality and innovation. Time honoured techniques are still used to produce all our diaries, as well as an unrivaled level of craftsmanship. Traditional book-binding methods passed down through generations are still being used today as they ensure the best quality results.

tools to make the diaries


On average it takes 27 pairs of hands to create each diary.



Journal Inspiration

Witness to extraordinary lives

For more than 200 years, global generations of people including royalty and key historical figures have used a Letts product to plan and journal their lives. This has offered unique perspectives and first person accounts of key cultural moments; which otherwise may have been lost.

Manufacturing Diaries


Your Stories since 1812

Your Stories since 1812

We see value in your thoughts which is why we are committed to capturing them amongst our handcrafted pages. Through our diaries and the new Undated Collections; we endeavour to offer new ways for you to record them, making the memories that matter to you last a lifetime.