Goodwood Revival Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Goodwood Revival 2019

This year sees the return of our Letts of London pop up store on the Revival Highstreet; join us to celebrate the launch of the Undated collections and take time to explore this unique annual event.

What is The Goodwood Revival you say

1. What is The Goodwood Revival you say

Every year the Goodwood Revival serves as a haven for fans of motor sports heritage, drawing in over 150,000 visitors. The event isn't just about the racing, it's a celebration of retro clothing and design. The ultimate time capsule for the eternally retro.
When: 13th-15th September 2019, 7.30am-7pm
Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester.


The History behind it all

2. The History behind it all

In the Autumn of 1998, the Goodwood Revival was born. The event has since become one of the world's biggest historic motor sports events and is the only one staged entirely in period dress.



The Racing

3. The Racing

Motor racing takes place on the Goodwood circuit over the whole weekend, with cars and motorbikes dating back to between 1948 and 1966. With famous drivers taking part from Formula 1 to car enthusiasts, Goodwood is also known for putting on air shows from Battle of Britain airport with a display and flyovers from pre-1966 aircraft.



Attend in Style

4. Attend in Style

There's no official dress code for the Revival, but most visitors get into the spirit by dressing up in vintage style outfits from the 1940s, 50s, and the swinging 60s. From WWII military uniforms and Grease-style twin sets to capri pants and dirndl skirts.



Shop a bygone era

5. Shop a bygone era

Visit the revival high street and take a walk down memory lane. Working alongside major modern brands (Letts of London, plus many more) to create a homage to the classic High Street, the goal here is celebration of heritage products, timeless design and vintage style.




What's Over the road

6. What's Over the road

A stones throw away from the race track, you'll be able to hear live music. Follow the sounds of swing and rock'n'roll to witness people doing the jive and jitterbug at one of the dance classes available. Over the Road includes fairground rides, a roller disco and film screenings at the open-air cinema.

Open until 10pm Saturday and 9pm Sunday.



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