Live Sustainably with the Conscious Collection

Find out a few simple but effective ways you can lower your carbon footprint using our latest Conscious Collection in a stunning nature-inspired colour palette. Every detail has been carefully considered from the use of recycled paper, vegan glue, and polyester from recycled PET bottles, to printing with soy ink.

The Conscious Stationery Collection by Letts of London

Eco Swaps | To Do Notepads

Change old habits with our notepads featuring 60 tear-off sheets of recycled white paper. Make a start by going into each room in your home and write a list of anything that is plastic, cleaning or beauty products and find eco-friendly alternatives in your local shops or online. Be on your way to a greener home.

To Do Notepads - Conscious Stationery by Letts of London

Energy saving ideas | Weekly Planners

Start by setting yourself short and long term goals in your weekly planner notepad to keep track of how you can lower your energy consumption.

Try these effective tips:
- Turn off appliances.
- Install a smart thermostat.
- Wash your clothes at a lower temperature.
- Insulate your roof.
- Invest in double glazing.

Weekly Planner Notepad - Letts of London Conscious Stationery

Recycle more | Wall Calendars

Keep track of when the recycling needs to be taken out or what can and can't be put into the green bins with our wall calendars. Hang in the kitchen or by the front door so you never forget, this easy way of tracking your recycling will help your home become a zero waste household.

Wall Calendar - Conscious Planners by Letts of London

Set Eco Goals | Desk Calendars

Think of the planet more with our 12-month desk calendars. The perfect item for setting realistic goals that you will find easy to stick to throughout the year. Start with 6 goals, such as only using recycled bottles, drive less or start growing your own produce.

Desk Calendar - Letts of London

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